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I have a kenmore elite drier. Every now and then it hums and

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I have a kenmore elite drier. Every now and then it hums and wont start. And then you hear relays clicking in the panel. If you give it an hour or so it will start.

Well today it wouldn't start at all. So I tore the front panel off to check and see if the blower wheel would turn easily. I figured it may have a motor that finally seized up. Low and behold the blower wheel turns fine.

I went and hit the start button and it started just fine.

Can there be an intermittant motor condition that causes this?
Just by turning the wheel, you may have caused the motor centrifugal switch to re-engage the start winding. It definitely sounds like the motor is stopping and staying on the run winding circuit. If you try to start the motor while it's still engaged on the run winding, it will hum, overheat usually and shut of on the motor overload. Then it WILL NOT start for a half hour or more sometimes. It wouldn't be uncommon for your motor to be doing this. It shouldn't happen, but I see it from time to time. I hope this helps.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so how do you fix it. Is it the motor or a relay not disengaging from the start winding?
Usually when this happens, it's the motor which needs replaced. All the relay does is close when the control board sends it 48 vdc. If all you did was turned the wheel after it wouldn't start, it sounds like you re-engaged the motor switch to the start winding. Anytime a dryer motor hums and won't start or has a hard time, you always suspect the motor is the issue. I see this a lot, especially on the Kenmore dryers with the lint filter just inside the dryer door. These dryers are famous for lint build up in the base and that can cause lint to get into the motor bearings and into the centrifugal switch. I feel that you'll be ok if you replace that motor.
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