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I have maytag performa PYET244ayw and it shut off during operation.

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I have maytag performa PYET244ayw and it shut off during operation. I pulled the top thermostat (HI/LO I think) and it reads .4 ohms. I am assuming this means it is working properly. Now what?

S.E.Thomas :

hello, welcome to just answer. my name is XXXXX XXXXX and i will be happy to assist you with your problem. if you have the top up, on the right side of the element about half way down there is a thermal fuse. This is the most common problem with these units. there is two white wires going to it. remove these wires and jump them together. Make sure they are not touching anything and start the dryer.

S.E.Thomas :

This is sold as a kit with the high limit thermostat. it can be found at at a discounted price. here is the kit, part number, and price.

S.E.Thomas :

Are you there?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How do I jump them?
you can slide them together. the edge of one will slide on to the edge of the other one.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, so that means the one I tested is working fine correct? And if I jump them together and it turns on then this one is not working, right?
The one you tested is the high limit. If it was bad the dryer would still start. that just would stop it from heating. if you jump this one and the dryer starts then yes it is bad and needs to be changed.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
jumped and it turned on, will order today, thanks.

If I leave it jumped what is the risk to just finish this load. Provided I clean the vents out and make sure it doesnt overheat?
it wont hurt anything as long as the vent is clean and you wrap tape around the ends so they do not short out.
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