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I have been told by a techncian that the Oven Relay Board,

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I have been told by a techncian that the Oven Relay Board, part Number 489091, on my SMW2724 Thermador electric wall oven, needs replacement or repair. I contacted Thermador, but they no longer have any in stock. I have tried a number of supply houses without success. What options do I have that you might be aware of. The microwave and warming tray work very well, and the broiler works in the oven. What I need is the name of a supply house that has the part in stock or some copany tht can repair the relay board.

I am on my business computer at the moment. Are we making progress?

I am waiting for an e-mail [email protected]

applianceguy :

Hi, i would try To repair the board.

JACUSTOMER-2r6ubbyi- :

So basically, nobody was able to find a replacement board?

JACUSTOMER-2r6ubbyi- :

My technician indicated the board was originally made by Bosch for Thermador. Do you think that Bosch in the USA or Germany might still have the board? Thermador does not.

applianceguy :

i don't think so. I can't find it anywhere.

JACUSTOMER-2r6ubbyi- :

I spoke to someone at Appliance Timers. They will get back to me. It's hard to believe that even Thermador itself doesn't have a replacement part. It isn't that old a unit and was very expensive. It tells me that they must have had their share of problems for all the spares in the USA to have been bought up. Last time I purchase a Thermador product.Thanks for the help.

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