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Smoke billows out of the door of the wood stove when I open

Resolved Question:

Smoke billows out of the door of the wood stove when I open it. The stove was inspected & cleaned 1 year ago and the chimney swept again this fall. The stove is in the basement, has a single 90° elbow 3 feet above the stove and another one where the chimney enters the wall. It then rises 2 stories plus an additional 6 above the roof line. Is there a likely cause for all this smoke?<br /><br />The make & model is <strong>Drolet NG 1800<br /></strong>
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  RUSS replied 6 years ago.


Hi, this is Russ, I'll be helping you with your problem today. THANKS! This is a problem due to the tall chimney and breaking the draft when the door is opened. Air has a weight even though we dont feel it and the heat in the chimney LIFTS the smoke and air.... there is a sudden pressure change or negative pressure when the door is open the smoke reverses direction and "falls " out the door. THANKS to overcome this a good heat contractor may be able to install a damper/fan to help out. Without seeing it I can not be specific as to your needs. THANKS

JACUSTOMER-duk9l97e- :

So, there is nothing that I can do at this end, short of having a contractor come in?


That is correct....the old time chimney makers knew how to overcome this,ut the pipe type chimenys are a different story. Sorry, but this is a fact of life with this situation. GOD BLESS


You ahveto rememer that if a wrong CFM fan is used all the heat gets sucked out so this is a balncing act.


sorry for typo's

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