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I have a model JTP11WS 3WG oven and it is unable to heat up

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I have a model JTP11WS 3WG oven and it is unable to heat up to the right temperature. We have to set the temperature to 525 degrees to get the oven to heat up to 350. We have resorted to using a in oven thermometer to see what temperature it is. Even then the temperature will fluctuate and go higher after reaching the desired temperature.

Hi, Thanks for using Just Answer. The most likely cause of your problem is a bad oven temperature sensor. It should read about 1100 ohms at room temperature. The original ge part is no longer available, but you can use a maytag sensor as an alternative. Here is a link to purchase one if you would like. Click here.


If you do go with the replacement you will probably have to cut the wires and use porcelain wire nuts to connect it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In order to do this as a self repair would I have to pull the oven out in order to access and replace the sensor? It does not look like there is a panel to access the sensor connections to the oven. I see where the sensor enters the oven and the opening does not look large enough to pass the porcelain wire nuts that you are directing me to use to connect the replacement sensor to the oven.

What would be the estimated repair cost if I had a technician come out and perform the repair? I realize you can only provide an estimate. I'm trying to determine if this is too hard to self repair - is the cost of repair by technician close to the cost of buying a new oven.

You should be able to replace it without taking the oven out. There is probably a plastic connector on the end of the sensor that will have to come through the hole, so it should be big enough for small wire nuts. If you had a servicer come work on it, I would say around 80 to 100 dollars for labor plus the cost of the part.

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