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GE import refrig/freezer; 4 yrs old, has freezer unit that

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GE import refrig/freezer; 4 yrs old, has freezer unit that has no chilling/freezing whatsoever. The bottom frig is chilling fine (model GTR 11AAPARWW

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Is the fan running in the freezer? Have you checked the compressor see if it's warm, hot, or cold? The compressor should be vibrating also is it?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
As the frig is working, I'll assume the compressor is at least warm. Where might I find the fan location, when I go and pull the unit out? (or is it obvious?) (I'm not at the unit's location at the moment) thanks
So you're saying the refrigerator is working but the freezer isn't? Can you tell me of the fan in the freezer(inside) is running? Is there any Frost on the back panel inside the freezer? Open the freezer door and move the food in feel back panel, is there any Frost on it? If you need time to get to the unit let me know how long, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

There's no food in the freezer unit, no frost, and no mechanincal noise noted whatsoever.


The entire unit is located in an apartment that has been vacant for some time, it was "discovered" with a cool refrig cabinet and "dead" freezer cabinet. I may be able to get to it shortly - but it's away from this computer.

Okay this is a tougher if you can't communicate with me while you're there, so you're not hearing any fans or anything running but you say the refrigerator cabinet is cool but you don't really know the temperature of the refrigerator section correct? Would you will need to do is check and make sure this is not stuck in a defrost cycle, the defrost timer may have failed, Alternate Product Viewthe defrost timer is number 14 on this diagram, you could take a screwdriver and turn the little knob clockwise and see if the refrigerator and freezer come on, see if you hear the fans come on and start running,it sounds to me if you don't hear the fans running all right now that this is stuck in a defrost cycle, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Understood, but have you any pointers on how to gain access to the fan and timer on this unit?

While you may not need to get to the fan is located behind the panel in the back of the freezer inside, the timer will be in the control panel inside the refrigerator section, open the door and look up underneath the control panel as if you are looking up at the ceiling of the refrigerator section right where the controls are, here's a better picture of the little knob you need to turn, is the little gray knob in this picture, I believe by turning this little knob the refrigerator will start, if so you need to replace the defrost timer here's a link to order the part if needed, thanks and well wishes, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX how about the second possibility of a busted fan (motor)? are there any schematics for this part's location so I can test it w/ an ohmeter?
The fan motor is part number 57 on the diagram, you can only test for voltage to it though there is no winding test that I know of for that one, you need to test and see if you getting 120 V to the motor if so and it's not running the motor is bad, here is a link to the fan motor thanks, Bryan
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