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Bosch Ecosense dishwasher is not draining, code E 24 is on

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Bosch Ecosense dishwasher is not draining, code E:24 is on display panel. What can I do?
Hey i will help you. E24 is linked to a drain error. You need to get the water out of the bottom and remove the filter by unscrewing it and it will raise up. Get all the water out of the bottom and you will see 3 grooves in the bottom sump area. Make sure nothing is blocking these. On the left side in the bottom you will see a cover and 1 screw.Remove this screw and lift the cover up and make sure nothing is blocking the pump and see if you can turn it by hand . If all of this looks ok the next thing to check is where the unit drains out under the sink. Take the drain line loose and see if anything is clogged where it drains into to the plumbing. Hope this helps and please remember to click accept.Thanks David
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Water is all out. There is no screw in the sump area.??
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Should I be able to blow air back into the line?
Ok sorry this is the newer style it might have just the cover that will come up. If you cant get to anything this way remove the kickplate at the bottom and the drain pump is right in front.There should be a tab and the pump will unscrew. You can check to see if anything is there and remember to look in the plumbing under the sink also. Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I see the pump cover, it has electrical connections to it, but the cover looks difficult to pop off. From inside the dishwasher I popped off the propeller cover and the turbine type propeller is spinning. The dishwasher has a white discharge hose which I have unconnected from the sink air gap. How can I tell if there is blockage between the pump and the hose?
Well if the pump is turning and nothing is blocking it and there is not a blockage at the plumbing the only thing it can be is a bad drain pump. I have had to replace a couple of these pumps already on these newer style dishwashers. You will also need to make sure the pump is getting volts when it is trying to drain.Hope this helps and please remember to click accept. Thanks David
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ran a test cycle of 30 mins. wash. 17 mins. into it the cycle stopped and is showing a code of E:25.
On bosch's website E25 means the drain pump has to much water getting to it and cannot function correctly. It says on there website this is caused from the drain pump cover on the inside of the sump and it it not snapped down . This could have came loose while you were inside the sump area checking the pump. Get the water out of the sump and snap the cover correctly in place over the drain pump. Hope this helps and please remember to click accept.Thanks David
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