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I have a Jenn-Air gas wall oven, model JGW8130DDB, 2-1/2 years

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I have a Jenn-Air gas wall oven, model JGW8130DDB, 2-1/2 years old. It had no problems until today.

The fan, which turns on at approximately 360 degrees, is now cutting out when it should be running. The fan runs several seconds, then stops. There is an intermittent muted clicking noise as if a relay is turning on and off heard from the top of the oven in the area of the control panel while the fan is not running. Sporadically the fan briefly runs, but then stops and the clicking noise is again heard intermittently.

When the oven door is opened, the interior light flashes -- off when the fan is running or when the clicking noise sounds as if it is attempting to turn on the fan, and on when the fan is off and there is no clicking and the door opened. (So fan or relay on = light off.)

When the fan stops running, the display panel indicator which shows temperature in the oven stops showing the oven temperature, and the "bake" indicator light begins flashing which the owner's manual says indicates a fault code. The temperature indicator does not come back on, nor does the "bake" light stop flashing, until the oven has cooled down (electrical power has also been off and turned back on).

From these symptoms can you tell what part(s) need replacing? Is there any troubleshooting that can be done to pinpoint the problem(s)?
Parts diagram is at:

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Okay, this can only be one of two things, one would be the door switch is bad, this would need to be tested with a voltmeter for continuity, the reason the control goes out is the fan is stopping in the control is overheating, if the door switch checks out good than the control itself is bad, the control has relays on it that's what you hear clicking, this is the back view of the control board,

the control is part number two on this diagram which is actually the clock itself, hope this helps thanks, Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Your answer included "the reason the control goes out is the fan is stopping in the control is overheating"
I do not understand what that means. Could you rephrase that?

What I meant to say is that there are two different things could be happening, 1 the switch is causing the clicking on the board because the switch is bad or 2 the relay on the board is bad if the switch is failing the board will click, its kinda hard to explain sorry. I thought you said the control was going out and blinking but I re read it and you say the bake light is, the reason I say it could be the switch is because of the light problem in the oven,

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