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I have a Bosch dish washer, model SHU4032. The wash cycle works

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I have a Bosch dish washer, model SHU4032. The wash cycle works fine but at the final drain period the pump keeps running until the door is opened. Is there a switch that could be changed?

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This means there is water in the base pan under the machine, when there was water in there the float stays up and the pump keeps running, the only way to fix this is to drain the water from the catch pan under the dishwasher, the float is number 10 on this diagram, the hard part is you will need to pull a machine out from under the cabinets about 8 to 10 inches so you can go into the side of a small tile sop up any water in there, this can be a pain in the neck sometimes you have to disconnect the water line and drain hose and sometimes the electrical, this will take care of the problem however, hope this helps, thanks, Bryan

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I removed the washer and can find no access to the tray on the back or either side. From the front I can reach into the pan under the pump and it is dry. Any other suggestions?
ok the water is more to the middle of the machine then front, it's very hard to access the middle of the pan there should be a small opening in the side very bottom behind the fill valve on the left side is where you can get a small towel in there or possibly a very small wet vac hose in it, if there is no water at all and you're absolutely sure make sure that the float is in stuck up anyway and let me know, it's a Styrofoam float and it's part number 11 like I told you above, the other thing you might want to try on this is pour about one to one of the half gallons of water into the bottom of the inside of the machine and start it, sometimes this will start the machine running again let me know, I had to go out today and wasn't at my computer sorry didn't get your answer until just now, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My fingers don't always do as they're told and I did type SHU4032 instead of SHU4302 in my original question although I see I had it right in the Optional Information area. My apologies. I found the Model # XXXXX by UC/U11 under the door if this changes anything. There is no opening of any size on the back or either side. The fill valve is on the front left below the door and most of the base is the pan I mentioned earlier. (It covers under the pump and the fill valve,etc.) I thank you for your efforts, I think you have already used up your $24.Probably the best thing for me to do is take it to town.
You may need this looked at, parts are expensive and these are hard to test, well wishes and thanks, Bryan