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Hi, We just purchased the high-effciency Whirlpool top load

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We just purchased the high-effciency Whirlpool top load Cabrio WTW5600XW washer. We have found that it requires the load of clothes to be exquisitely balanced or the machine easily shuts off when it becomes more unbalanced. And when the computer shuts it off, and the load is manually rebalanced, we can find no other way then to start the cycle all over again from the beginning. Are we missing something in the instruction booklet (the pamphet doesn't really address this issue) or is this the norm for this model. We are building a rental house and wanted to put this machine in there also, but if its finicky on this issue and the cycle must be totally restarted each time, we feel it might be too complicated for renters who aren't familar with the machine and take too much time on turn over of the house between renters. Maybe we should go with a front loader for the rental, although we have heard that sometimes the gaskets in front loaders come to harbor mold which is difficult to eradicate. And the rental will be in a humid area in the Caribbean. This is why we initially thought high efficiency top loaders were the way to go. And do front loaders have these balance problems also? The only appliance store on this island is Whirlpool, and we visit the build on Tuesday. They may want to know our decision on front load vs top load then. Thanks for your help on this.

Bob Linden
Niantic, Connecticut [email protected]

Hello, my name isXXXXX should be able to add clothes at any time so I would think you could stop the washer to re balance and restart using the following procedure.

To add a garment or pause the washer at

any time:

1. Press PAUSE/CANCEL once.

2. Wait until the Lid Lock light turns off, then open the lid.

3. Add items.

To restart the washer:

1. Close the lid and press START.

2. To unlock the lid after the Add a Garment period, press PAUSE/CANCEL once.

Pressing PAUSE/CANCEL twice will cancel the wash cycle.

As far as a the front loader, it is my preference even though the cost is higher. They tend to last longer. Whirlpool never had much problem with the musty smell or mold, that was Maytag but on my personal washer we leave the door open long enough after use to let it dry and almost never completely shut the door until it is run again. Front loaders have counter weights to help keep the load balanced. Any washer can go off balance but our front loader seems better than top ;loaders we had in the past. Make sure the floor is very solid under the washer if it is not concrete. I hope this helps but please ask any question if you still have them.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Dave-


Thanks for the information, but my balance problem was a little different...I was not in the room while the washer was going. When I returned, the washer was stopped, wash light illuminated, and lid unlocked. I moved around the load, but was then unable to use the start/pause button (it didn't respond). I couldn't find any help in the manual, so I just pushed the power button and start again, not adding anymore detergent in case there was still too much among the load. That time it completed from very start to finish. It has happened twice, so now I take my time trying to balance the load, matching pants opposite other pants and shirts opposite other shirts....the machine hasn't shut off again.


Bob and Caren Linden



That does sound a little different. Try to keep track of the type of load that causes the problem. Some fabrics hold a lot of water, like cotton and other hold very little water, like polyester. It sounds like you are on the right track with how you load it now. No washer fills to the top anymore like the old ones so we all need to do things a little differently now. Happy New Year to you.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi again,


Just quickly, to your knowledge, once the machine senses imbalance and shuts itself off on its own in the middle of a cycle, is there anyway to restart the machine at the point in the cycle it shut itself off, or does the computer not allow this, and it's required to start the entire washing cycle again from the beginning?





If the washer shuts off because there was a problem there should be an error code like F1 or F5. If your washer is less than a year old and you keep having this problem you should call for service. You can call Whirlpool at(NNN) NNN-NNNNfor more specific use and care information and also if you need service.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX all your help. So, from what you say, the machine should just pause when imbalanced and not turn off completely. And then, when rebalanced, we should just be able to press the start button to restart the machine at that part of the cycle at which it had stopped. When our machine stopped secondary to imbalance, it shut off completely, and thus, we had to push the power button first, and then the start button, which started the operation completely from the beginning. It sounds like this should not happen from your comments.The pamphlet that came with the machine, unfortunately, is not very helpful on this issue.


Again, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX help and if the problem continues, we will call for service, since the washer is still on warranty.


Caren and I also wish you a good New Year, and we plan to follow your advice and go with a front loader for the new build.



Bob and Caren

Thanks Bob and best wishes to you.