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I have a Dacor gas cook top (Model SGM 3045) that suddenly

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I have a Dacor gas cook top (Model SGM 3045) that suddenly stopped working. It didn't fail while in use but just won't start now that we want to use it. There is no smell of gas. No gas is coming out of the burner heads. There is no visible obstruction in the pipes leading up to the burner heads. The electric supply is OK as the igniters just keep clicking and the blower vent still works. The gas line valve is in the correct position but I turned it off then on anyway but still no gas.

The fireplace and the hot water heater that are gas-powered are OK.

I called the gas company last night and they said since gas is being delivered and used by the fireplace and by the hot water heater and there is no smell of gas, it is an appliance repair problem.

The hot water heater and the fireplace are closer to the meter with the gas cook top at the other end of the house --- could the gas line be blocked on the way to the kitchen?
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If none of the burners are getting gas to them, that means your regulator valve is faulty or your cooktop just isn't getting gas--those are the only 2 possible solutions. The regulator is the part that your gas supply line connects to on the bottom of your cooktop. Make sure there is gas getting to the cooktop by disconnecting the gas line and turning the gas supply on and off to see if gas comes out. If not, then something isn't turned on to allow gas to get to the cooktop from your house. If you definitely have gas, replace the regulator valve.
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