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Kitchenaid Freezer Temperature Keeps Rising.

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Kitchen Aid refrigerator temperature keeps rising especially in the freezer. Model kfcs22evms2. It is fairly new and has worked well until last few days. Fridge is full of food but not too extreme degree and has previously held as much with no problem. Freezer temperature starter rising slowly a few days ago and is now at 24 F. Last night, I vacuumed a moderate amount of dust/lint from coils at bottom front (behind grille) but the temperature rise continues. There is no dust around the back panel, fan is blowing strongly. There is no blockage or obstruction around the air vents inside fridge or freezer.
Are the black coils under the refrigerator warm? Is there any frost built up on the lower rear inside the freezer?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The black coils at the bottom front are not warm (room temp).
There is no frost in freezer compartment

It sounds like the compressor is not running. It is the black round metal sealed motor in the bottom rear behind the cover. It should be almost too hot to touch and be humming.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I removed the sheet metal @ bottom rear of unit.
Facing rear of unit, there's a round black sealed pot @ bottom right.
It's hot (almost too hot to touch) and humming.
On bottom left of unit is a fan; it's turning rapidly and also contributing some noise.

By the way the refrigerator has in recent days been making more noise than usual.
It hasn't been constant, it's a buzzing/rattling noise, and we found it could be attenuated by pressing on doors

Is the compressor, (the large black part) running all the time or do you hear a hum and click every 5-10 minutes? Sometimes using a screwdriver with the handle to your ear will help determine if it is really running. If it is running all the time and doing no cooling you have a serious problem. It’s either a leak or a total restriction of the sealed system. If it is only trying to start off and on it may be the relay.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The compressor is running continuously (I checked this with screwdriver/"stethoscope")
No periodic hum/click (as if relays going on/off with compressor startup).

We have noticed some corrosion (aqua copper oxide and white buildup) on some copper pipes inside unit.

The problem is either a blockage or leak of the refrigerant gas or the compressor is not pumping, but that is rare. The cost to repair the system will depend where the problem is found but at a minimum it would be $150 and add any parts. If the compressor needs to be replaced it is over $400-500.
Check your warranty but most times it is only covered a year and some are 5 years.

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