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I have an LG side/side w/ bottom freezer model LRFD2585OST.

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I have an LG side/side w/ bottom freezer model LRFD2585OST. The freezer is not getting cold enough to freeze and the fridge is not cold enough. I had the problem of water leaking into the freezer and accumulating ice on the bottom of the shelf. It had been doing that for a few months. Just recently the freezer stopped getting cold enough to freeze which affected the fridge temp. I unplugged the freezer over night and let it completely defrost which solved the problem of the leaking water in the freezer but it still will not get cold enough. The fan is working, the compressor is on (I can feel it vibrating slightly and it is warm to the touch), on of the copper tubes is warm coming out of it and one is cold. The internal fans are circulating the's just not getting cold enough. What could the problem be?

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is the fan in the freezer running? do you hear any clicking or buzzing comming from the compressor. ? is the fan next to the compressor running?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The fan when the doors are all closed, the fan inside is working and circulating the air. I hold the button in as if the door were closed and can hear and feel it click on. The fan that blows over the coils is on and working. I don't hear any "clicking" but there is a slight "buzzing" coming from the compressor and it is very warm to the touch and feels like it is working.
ok you will need to remove the back panel in the freezer and take a look at the frost pattern, these should have an even frost across all the coils, if not you have a freon leak,
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

O.K. I'll do that and let you know what I's gonna take me a little bit.

thats fine, I'll be around, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I pulled my freezer back out and there is no way to take the back off to expose it. it is riveted on. The only panels I can pull off are at the bottom which expose the compressor, fan, and coil that the fan blows on. This unit is only like 3 yrs. old and I have been reading a ton of consumer complaints about it, however I cannot find one specific to my problem.
sorry, I was off line for a bit, these can be a nightmare to work on, these have had a lot of issues, my guess is theres a freon leak since you unplugged this overnight it cant be a defrost issue, your right about that, to be honest you may need a tech to put gages on this and check the pressures, they can tell if its leaking, when they leak freon only part of the coils get frosted and its not enough to freeze correctly. I don't want you to do any damage going any further, at this point I would call a tech. thanks Bryan
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