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I have a Jenn Air quiet series II dishwasher. Lst night i found a puddle in my kitchen.

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I have a Jenn Air quiet series II dishwasher. Lst night i found a puddle in my kitchen. I tried to run it again today. It begins to wash, but at 65 minutes left in the cycle it stops. I hear a clicking sound from the touch panel that seems like it is trying to switch to a different mode. What could this be?

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can you look inside and get me the model #?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Model Number JDB8910AWS

Jenn-Air Quiet Series II

circa 2000

if your hearing a clicking sounds its the control board relay, this is in the control panel. you can order this @ hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I think your assessment of the clicking is accurate, but what caused the dishwasher to leak on the floor?

most likely it overfilled because of the board, i cant be sure though, usually the float will stop that, was there a lot of water or just a little?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There was a lot of water, enough to run across the kitchen and then thru to the basement below. My wife started a cycle, it stalled at the 65 minute mark, she started another cycle and went to bed. I thought the float would prevent too much water from being in the dishwasher, guess the two cycles & faulty borad = flood. I hope that is the solution. I'm pretty capable with appliance repairs if I know the order of disassembly, what order to remove panels and how they come off so that I don't break them. If I order the part, can you help me with the steps to replace it?
I believe this control panel comes off on this one separately from the door, the diagrams are vague at best on this, heres the control panel diagram, try taking the screws out at the top inside of the door and see if the panel comes off. if not then you will need to take all the screws out around the inner door and lift the whole panel. heres a link to all the diagrams if that helps, not being there its tough for us to know, the float is suppose to stop the water but I don't know why it overfilled accept for maybe the board, wish I could do more, sorry, thanks Bryan
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