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Hi, My Kitchenaid dryer does not continue to heat. The

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My Kitchenaid dryer does not continue to heat. The ignitor turns red, gas valve opens, flame starts for 1 or 2 cycles. After that the ignitor continues to turn red, but the gas valve doesn't open to create heat. Any ideas?
Hey i will help you. It sounds like the coils on the gas valve are bad. The igniter has to draw enough amps to open the gas valve. It seems like if it is working one or twice then stops it would only be the gas valve.The part number on just the coils are #279834 and retail for around 25 dollars.The part number for the whole gas valve assembly is #8318277 and retails for around $150 dollars.I would replace just the coils and try it. Hope this helps and please remember to click accept. Thanks David
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The gas valve coils are fairly loud when they DO cycle. Would this correspond with your diagnosis?
Yes i would start with them. I have seen a few dryer that i have put the coils on and shortly after they are bad again because of the valve itself. I would start with just the coils because of the price. The other part number is XXXXX the coils with the valve for around 150 dollars. Hope this helps and please remember to click accept . Thanks David
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