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how do i get the hoses off the pump assembly those green clamps

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how do i get the hoses off the pump assembly? those green clamps are tough

Thanks for the question.

Yes those hoses are tough to remove with those clamps I use channel lock pliers or vise grips to remove the clamps

then I use jubilee clamps to reinstall its much easier.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
So what basically happened is that my tenant tried to do a load, and there was water on the back side of it, looked like it splashed on there, and maybe about a gallon of water on the ground.

I read online that maybe the pump could be clogged, by maybe a coin; which would make sense considering how many coins i've found after loads.

Also, after i mopped up the water, i checked the tightness of the water connections, and stuck a laundry bag inside, started a fill cycle. No signs of leakage. Then i went to the spin cycle, and the basin was spinning pretty quickly (guessing due to the light loading) but it was more of a wobble then i would guess it should be. So, also, maybe it has had too much loading before and hopefully it's just sloshing water around from the larger loads.
Well it could be splashing but that much is unusual if a pillow case was washed it can bubble up causing the fill cycle to hit the sheet or pillow case and spill over the edge of the tub that has happened to me ask your wife what she was washing when this happened.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
my tenant said his first load was standard clothes, second was bed sheets, and 3rd was some pants and a few shirts.
The bed sheets can do this while filling air gets in the sheet and it makes a bubble so as its filling the bubble gets closer to the top and thats when the water hits the bubble and overflows the tub, its does happen thats why you cant find a leak now.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so you're thinking just pack up the washer and see if it happens again?
Yes thats my suggestion you cant find a leak so pack it up and use the washer and remember about the sheet .
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