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My Bissell 9500 Proheat is not spraying the carpet cleaning

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My Bissell 9500 Proheat is not spraying the carpet cleaning solution. What can I do? The things that usually spins is not spinning. I have cleaned all the dirty areas and checked the water collection/supply out. I check the solution bottle. All seem to be fine. What should I do? It has hardly been used in the two years I have owned it.
The Proheat Carpet Cleaners have a small pump located in the front of the machine underneath the nozzle and a rectangular heater located inside the handle assembly. The most common reason they won't spray the solution is due to the heater being plugged. There is also a chance the pump belt is bad or you could have a bad pump.Check the belt first.Generally, Proheat models have two belts a toothed belt that turns the brush roll, and a flat belt that turns the pump. To replace the pump belt it is located in the front on the users left hand side. Turn the machine over and you’ll see a red retainer with 2 screws. Remove the screws and retainer to get to the pump and belts.Check the red pump pulley, it’s located where the two belts are. If that pulley is broken or loose you’ll have to replace the whole pump, the pulley is not available separate.

If the belts and pump pulley are good, move on to the heater. The heater is rectangular and made of metal. It is located in the handle section. You’ll need to remove the screws from the back of the handle to gain access. Remove the tubing from the heater and also the heater cover. There is a chance there will be dirt inside. Clean it out use a paper clip to clean out the connectors where the tubes were connected. After you put the machine back together run white vinegar through it to clean out any remaining dirt inside.

If it is still having trouble after following the above instructions, the pump is bad and will need replaced.
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