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i just bought the double oven wolf DO30u/b convection. There

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i just bought the double oven wolf DO30u/b convection. There are many funny clicks that i hear from the top ( close to the electrical display) that makes funny sounds for as long as the ovens are running. The funny noises stop for maybe ten seconds, then starts again, then stops, then starts- this doesn't seem normal- and the sounds do NOT sound like its coming from inside the oven. It's almost sounds like its clicking on and off, or like cycling for some reason with a power issue? What is going on. Is this normal. Also, there is a ton of hot air blowing from an area on bottom of oven. With the oven running, my kitchen is really really hot within ten minutes. Is that normal too?

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well some clicking is normal, its the relay's on the control board that are cycling he elements on and off to keep the oven at a set temp. the hot air is from the convection fan, does the oven keep the correct temp?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
WHen you say some clicking, how often should i be hearing it? The amount of clicking I'm hearing it is every 15 seconds. Then it makes the click sound for the next 10 seconds or so, multiple times in a fow before it gets quite again for another 10 to 15 seconds , then repeats over again. Im sitting here listening to it now actually. I've never heard so much noise coming from an oven, and it's hard to believe this can be normal? I don't know if the oven keeps the temp. they were just installed yesteray, and im trying to use them for the first time. Can you please clarify what you mean, when you say some clicking is normal??
thats why I said (some) clicking is normal, what your telling me isnt normal, the relays are not holding in and thats the issue.these should click on and stay on until the oven gets to temp. then it goes off and when the oven colls to a certain point it should click once and stay on until its back to temp. thats how these work, you have a control board issue in this, this should not click mutible times in a few seconds,
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