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Have Kenmore Elite Fridge Model XXXXXXXXXXX Temp control

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Have Kenmore Elite Fridge Model XXXXXXXXXXX
Temp control display shows OFF on both the fridge and freezer compartments. Temp is warming up in the unit but the Ice is still frozen.
This happened once before several months ago, was easily fixed by touching the down arrow on the temp setting. Was able to reset the temps.
Tried the same thing this morning, no response from the display. Both settings still show OFF.
No buttons are responding when pushed.
Could it be the electronic control panel needs replacing?

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if the controls not responding to any commands and the refrigerator isn't running at all the control board has failed,

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this controls everything , fans,defrost,compressor,and the touch control. you will need to replace it, you can order this @ the part # XXXXX

12782036SP and its part # XXXXX on this diagram,

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hope this info helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This is a different control panel than the one on the door.
Are there 2 electronic control panels on this model?
The one on my fridge is located at the top center of the door. The one you're showing me in the diagram is in the back.
The part number I'd found previously is #1468995 @ It's the only one they have listed for my model.

there are two controls and the one your talking about is the first one i looked at, after doing another search i believe the control in the refrigerator is the one thats bad, repair clinic through me a bit, it looked like the wrong board to me at first because of the view but after seeing the diagram on Sears, it is the one that fails, # XXXXX

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as you can see its actually a two piece board, it showed it differently on repair clinic, you can see how its l shaped in the diagram, you need to replace that, its part #67005397. and when you put this # XXXXX repair clinic it shows the board you were talking about, I think they have the wrong picture up there, thanks Bryan
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