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I purchased an Amana side by side refrigerator ARS2665AB 10

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I purchased an Amana side by side refrigerator ARS2665AB 10 years ago. The seal on the bottom of the cold good door is coming off. Amana referred a repair company to me. They said that I needed a new gasket and I bought is directly from Amana because of the cost. Now they are saying that if they try to take out the old gasket the liner will crack because the gasket is foamed in and now wants me to buy a new liner. Amana said the liner comes with the door and the door is no longer available. So, what do I do? Help!!!

Thank you, XXXXX
what do you mean "cold good door" and what exactly is your question? you've stated a lot of statements that are true but what are you trying to ask exactly?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
oooops, my mistake. it is the refeigerator door (cold food) not the freezer door
ok so what exactly is your question, because you're right, the seal is part of the door so you can't replace it separately, you'd need to replace the entire refrigerator door which is no longer available. The only thing you can do is try to silicone the ripped parts on the seal or replace the refrigerator. The unit is a bit older than 10 years unfortunately and they just don't make the door for it (only required to make parts for 7 years by law)
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