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I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport HT washer, that is about a couple

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I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport HT washer, that is about a couple of years old. It has been working great, and now all of a sudden after you input what cycles you want it waits about 10 minutes and then just clicks itself off. I looked on the back of the washer and found the number W10007190/4619 702 25122, if that helps. I have loved this washer and I hope nothing bad is wrong. When I first figured out there was a problem, there was a load in the washer and the door was locked and I couldn't get it unlocked no matter what I did. I unplugged it a couple of times, and finally got it to unlock. But when I tried to get it to start, it wouldn't. Any ideas?
If you are experiencing delays.Please check that any open or past Accept files have been processed.This will secure a more rapid answer response.Most likely the drain pump filter is blocked with debris...To access the filter..Remove the screws along the very bottom front panel...Pull the panel down and out ...You will see a round plastic cap...This is the filter to the pump...If there is water in the tub slowly remove the filter and have a catch pan ready to catch water...If you have a shop vac ..It will make the job easier to catch the water...Once water is out check the filter form debris..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay, I got the filter open and found a piece of what looks like carpet thread in there. Cleaned it all out and got the filter screwed back in. Tried to get it to start a cycle, but it still sits there for a few minutes then clicks off (but the door stays locked). How do I clear it out and get it to start again?
Did the drain pump run...? Were you able to drain the water via the pump..?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I manually drained the water when I opened the cap. I cleaned it all out and put it back together. Then I tried to get it to start a cycle, but it sat there with all the lights on for a while and then clicked off. I finally just unplugged it, hoping maybe that would clear out any memory problems.


What do I do next to get it to actually start a cycle?

Remove the waterlines from the back..Clean out the small screens at end of lines...Try restarting..If the washer does not restart Then most likely you have a faulty door lock switch...The door may lock but the electrical portion of the switch is not working..Its job sends a signal to the control boar saying the door is lock proceed to washing cycle...Common part failure on this unit...Have you noticed any error codes on the readout../ Also there is a tech sheet taped to the cabinet wall or possible the underside of the top lid ..It will show you how to further trouble shoot the unit step by step..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What readout? Where would I see error codes?
What is the model number of your washer..? The error code will show up on the washer display..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Nothing has shown up on the washer display. The only number I could find on the back of the washer is W10007190/4619 702 25122.
CLICK HERE FOR THE TECH SHEET Start at page one..Put the washer into diagnostic mode...You will need a test meter to test the components..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How do you put it in diagnostic mode?
Scroll down to page 7

The complete built-in service diagnostic module contains two
entry modes and three modes of operation.
Entry modes:
¦ Universal mode across all products. It displays error history
prior to performing any automated test.
¦ Quick entry and bypasses the displaying of error codes.
Operation modes:
¦ Display the error states that have been recorded by the
¦ Run through an automated test.
¦ Run loads to assist in diagnosing potentially non-electrical
Starting Service History Mode & Diagnostic
NOTE: The washer must be empty and the control must be
in the OFF state before pressing the touch-pad sequence to
start the test.
1. Close the door.
2. Select any one key (except PAUSE/CANCEL) and follow
the steps below, using the same key (remember the key):
4 seconds
? Release for
4 seconds
? Press/hold
4 seconds
? Release for
4 seconds
? Press/hold
4 seconds
3. Upon release, all console LED lights will turn on for
5 seconds.
4. If there are any failure codes, they will be displayed in the
Estimated Time Remaining display.
NOTES: This program recalls the most recent failure code
¦ Press the same key to advance to the next failure code.
(If the console doesn’t change then the same failure
code was stored multiple times.)
¦ If there aren’t any more failure codes all the lights on the
console will turn on for 5 seconds.
¦ Next the washer begins the Diagnostic Test.
¦ To cancel out of service mode press PAUSE/CANCEL.
(This exits you out of the program.)
Starting Diagnostic Test and bypassing the
Service History Mode:
Execute this procedure with an empty drum. All of the steps
below must be done in sequence in order to reach the
Diagnostic Test. This executes the automatic test but does
not show the error history.
¦ Close the door.
¦ Push POWER.
¦ Select the CLEAN WASHER cycle.
¦ Press EXTRA RINSE four times within 5 seconds.
¦ Press EXTRA RINSE to advance to the next step of the test
¦ If the starting procedure fails, push PAUSE/CANCEL, then
repeat the starting procedure.

Edited by MasterTech on 10/1/2010 at 5:14 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I found the page in the booklet where it tells you how to perform two types of diagnostic tests. I have tried to run both types of tests, but neither will start. What now?
This tells me you have a main computer problem...Check all your wire connections to Computer board....Remove the top of unit by removing the screws along the back top of cover...Slide the cover up and off..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
<p>Okay, I have taken off the cover and checked that all connections are good, at least all the ones I can see. It still won't run the diagnostics nor will it start a cycle. It will, however, cancel a cycle (which it wouldn't do before) and the door actually unlocks on its own instead of me having to manually unlock it. So, a tiny bit of progress but I'm still not able to wash clothes.</p><p>I have found the model number and serial number.  Model Number: WFW8400TW03</p><p>Serial Number: HLY0766789</p>
ok good...CLICK HERE Scroll down to page 5...You are going to need access to a test meter...Let me know how this goes...Not being there in front of washer ...I can only go by what you tell me...Thanks Bob
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