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Whirlpool side-by-side fridge. Had it for 8 years, no problem.

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Whirlpool side-by-side fridge. Had it for 8 years, no problem. Last month the water started having a strange almost plasticy taste. Ice started tasting strange too obviously. When I flush the water from the system, the water tastes normal again, so I don't think it's the filter, and it's also not the city water (kitchen tap water tastes fine).

Just to be sure I changed the filter as well, but the taste reappears after the water chills for some time inside the fridge. Nothing has spoiled in the fridge, but just to be safe we've cleaned it out completely.

I believe there is some kind of mold or contaminant in the water line inside the fridge. I pulled off the bottom kickplate of the fridge, where you can see where the water line for the cabinet is coupled to the water line for the door. No discoloration seen inside either of these clear tubes. The water cooling coil that sits inside the fridge, near the fresh produce section also appears clear, no discoloration.

So I'm running out of things I can check on my own. Guidance appreciated.

behind the crisper drawer is the water chiller, this needs to be replaced,you can order this @ if you wish, thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Bryan, thanks for your response. I do have a couple follow-up questions, if you don't mind answering each:


1.) is there anywhere else in the water path within the fridge that could be introducing the funny taste, ie: something else that would also need replacing?


2.) is this a known problem with these fridges, ie: have you seen this issue before?


3.) what would have caused this to happen?


4.) is my assumption correct: the taste in the water can get into the ice. If the ice carries this taste/odor, can it get into the air and case food in the fridge side to have this odor too?


5.) is this part replaceable by myself (I've never worked on a fridge before), or should I call a tech?


Thanks again for all your help..




well Tony first off this is a common issue and I have seen it before, second not sure on your model but if the ice maker goes through the water chiller system it can make the ice taste funny, and taste/oder can be distributed through the refrigerator , water sitting in the chiller can make it stale and taste bad, you can have this throughout the water system in the refrigerator, so any of the lines can be contaminated, if you want to be sure you may want call a tech to replace all the lines in this, although most of the bad water is from the chiller, replacing them all will insure you get it all but its a pain to do. a tech is your beat bet, thanks Bryan
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