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Just installed a brand new Jenn-Air combination oven (microwave

Customer Question

Just installed a brand new Jenn-Air combination oven (microwave + convection oven) model JMW2427WS00. The microwave portion of the oven will not heat objects placed in the oven. I checked the wiring and it is wired properly (120 volt to each leg of the circuit) and the oven works. I called Jenn-Air and they were less than useless and claimed they do not supply service manuals.

- Is there a way to test to see if power is getting to the magnetron? I am located in Sitka, Alaska and there are no service technicians here. The microwave oven lights up and the turntable revolves but it does not heat.

- Is the control panel supposed to be back lighted? The center control panel lights up but the is no light behind the number keys or other keys outside the center control area. Makes it virtually impossible to read.

Dennis Parrish
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bryan replied 6 years ago.

testing power to the magnetron you cant do, these are extremely dangerous to work on , even with the power off there enough stored in the capacitor to kill you, please don't attempt that. if you have a volt meter you can test the door safety switches which is more likely the problem, what I can do for you that jenn-air refused to do is send you the link to the service tech sheets(shhh) these are suppose to be for techs only, click this blue link, there are actually 6 different tech sheets. this one however tells you how to put this in diagnostic mode and gives you the codes, heres the other link to all of the tech info on these, please be careful working on this, hope this helps, thanks Bryan

Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you very much for the above links and advice. FYI, the second link simply provides more recent versions of the Tech Sheet provided by the first link. At least now I can enter the diagnostics for the microwave and hopefully that will help. And, thanks for your suggestion that the door safety switches could be the problem. I have made sure that the door is completely closed when I attempted to operate the microwave but have not tested the switches themselves.

Expert:  Bryan replied 6 years ago.
ok Dennis let me know when you have tested them, I think theres a test in the sheets for that also.