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We have a Frigidaire upright freezer model #FFU20FC.. A few

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We have a Frigidaire upright freezer model #FFU20FC..   A few days ago we noticed something was keeping the door from closing and that there was a lot of frost build up. It's a frostless freezer. The item blocking the door was moved, and the door made the usual seal/suction sound. A few days later, someone got into the freezer. The door was closed, but things were beginning to melt. We examined a few things and decided time was important - we needed a new freezer. We put the food in the new freezer. The old freezer was now outside. We wanted to give it another chance. So we put in a tray of ice cubes. They froze! But the door still doesn't make the seal/suction noise it used to do. Not sure if I gave you enough information. Didn't notice if a fan was running, etc. We'd like to use the old freezer as a meat freezer - if it's reliable. Thanks. Also, didn't notice this morning if there were any sounds from the freezer or anything. It's now unplugged so we could use the outlet.

because the door was open this frosted up the coils behind the panel and stopped the air flow from moving around the freezer, when you put it outside it defrosted and is now running correctly, you may have a defrost issue in it though, you wont know for about 2-3 weeks, if it happens again you have a defrost issue, either the timer,defrost thermostat ,or the heater, most likely the thermostat though, thats what it is most of the time in these, this is clipped to the top of the coils behind the panel inside the back of the freezer, thanks Bryan

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