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I have a GE WCVH6260HWW front-loading washer which has developed

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I have a GE WCVH6260HWW front-loading washer which has developed a bunch of mold in the outer plastic ring by the door--and I mean a lot. Is this a defect with the washer? I've never had this happen with a conventional washer before.

I can replace the ring, but I fear that the mold will just come back. Any thoughts?

the mold is caused by standing water in the boot, (the plastic ring) unfortunately this is a huge problem on almost all of the front load machines , in your case i would replace the boot since its so bad, even then it will come back eventually, wiping the boot after your done washing will help and leaving the door open when not in use, clean this with bleach every week or so will also helps, these are a pain keeping it dry and open when not using it is the best way to keep the mold down, thats it, thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

fair enough. couple follow-ups:


  1. in terms of cleaning it each week with bleach, is it sufficient to just wipe it down with bleach each week or do we need to run an empty load through with bleach instead of detergent? (if we have to, we can, but it kind of defeats the purpose of an energy/water saving washer)
  2. what if mold is present or starts growing in other parts of the washer? will those parts need to be replaced and will the bleach once a week/keeping it open get rid of the mold in other parts?


well mostly its the boot because water is able to stand in the bottom of it, you can wipe this down with straight bleack then withs a clean dry rag, as far as other parts not to bad the water moves through them more but it wouldnt hurt to run an empty load with straight bleach once a month either, this has been a problem since they made these,
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