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I have a kitchenaid gas range, purchased from Sears in 2002,

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I have a kitchenaid gas range, purchased from Sears in 2002, under protection agreement until 2012, and am having great difficulty getting service. Model #ykgst307hws, serial#Imm1967958. The electronic console was identified as being the problem, and apparently, according to Sears a white console was no longer available. After many months they today installed a black part, making the range look as though it is cobbled together. To make matters worse when I used the oven tonight the old problem arose, so now I suspect that the diagnosis was wrong. Sears have been spectacularly inefficient and uninvolved in what has been a very long and frustrating process. I have not had a dependable oven all summer. All of my appliances are Kitchenaid, and up until now I have been very happy with them, but I cannot understand why you would make a major part unavailable, and why Sears technicians are unable to identify problems. Where do I go from here? Sears and their protection agreement are utterly useless, and I just want my range fixed. Can I get a kitchenaid technician to at least diagnose the problem? The Sears techs. who service your ranges know nothing!

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You never said what the old problem was that they had to replace the console on the unit?



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the time box on the console sometimes shows the letters F2DO. and the oven is then immobilized, sometimes for a short time, and sometimes longer. The console also often shows PF, indicating power failure, although no power failure has occurred in the home. Also on occasion the console shows 500degrees, with a question for start. Fortunately it does not start itself without the button being pushed!!
Although the oven often operates ok, it is not dependable. If it is indeed the console at fault do you know if a white one is available? The black one which Sears installed, and which is now having the same problems, looks awful.

This is a bad control panel code, one that happens quite frequently, The White console is no longer available from any vendor, the problem with your Master Protection Plan with Sears is that after 3 years they do not have to use the correct color for a repair, The power failure error is from a bad microcomputer in the range, I would be replacing both items on this model. I am sorry about the color but there is no other solution for you...



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The PF code is the micro computer and the error code is the control panel, I would be replacing both really, yo can try the old control panel if you still have it, however I think the problem is in the control panel for the error code you got...



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The new console showed an error code, not the PF, whereas the old console was showing both at different times. If the new console is now showing an error code (F3DO), should I assume that this new console is also defective or nor properly installed? I still have the old white console.
It could be either an improperly installed console or a bad one, If the error came up fairly quickly after the new console was installed I would harbor a guess that the tech did not connect the ribbon connector properly to the microcomputer..