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whirlpool wrxegmwb00 just hooked up water line two days ago,

Customer Question

whirlpool wrxegmwb00 just hooked up water line two days ago, but no ice yet. Water line flexed when water source turned on
any ideas?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Peter replied 7 years ago.
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Peter :

Hi, my name is Peter.

Peter :

There is a wire arm on the side of the icemaker. It should be in the down position. Up is off. To test if the icemaker is cycling lift up the arm and leave off for two hours, then lower the arm. You should see the fingers on above the icemaker mold start to turn clockwise. If they do not turn make sure that the power is attached to the icemaker. If they do turn when they get almost all the way around you should hear the solenoid activate and water should flow into the icemaker. If no water then you will need to check the wiring at the water valve and the water valve itself. If it does cycle and fill with water but does not continue to make ice in the next 4 hours and the temperature in the freezer is below 15 degrees farenheit then you have a defective icemaker (it has to be below 15 degrees for the icemaker to operate.

Peter :

You may send further questions directly to me.

Peter :

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Peter :

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Peter :


JACUSTOMER-kbv9t4ek- :

Tried turning the wire arm off for two hours and then back on but nothing. Checked to see if I had water in the line going up the back of the fridge, it was dry. Took the power plug off the valve and read 9vac both with the wire arm up and down. Is that the valve or solenoid?