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Hello...i have a Moffat top freezer fridge Model is MTR12BASCLWW..Serial

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Hello...i have a Moffat top freezer fridge Model is MTR12BASCLWW..Serial MR 302772K........Problem freezer section ..1--the freezer section not freezing products...I heard a ticking sound coming from behind the panel where the fan is...So i removed panel and found the ice build up so much the fan fins were hitting the ice...Then i defrosted evaporator section ...Work good for about a month ..then the freezer again was showing sighs of poor freezing.....Again i did the same i removed back panel and defrosted with hair dryer and completly cleaned out all ice and cleared the drane chute aswell....Its been a couple of weeks now and it starting to show ice build up.....2-- I cannot find my model of fridge anywhere either at Moffats sites or google sites in search of possible parts i might need....Q Cud help me with some answers...thxs/g

Thanks for the question.

In the control panel where the thermostat is located look under that panel for two screws with a small hole between the two screws use a flat screwdriver and turn a small cog in that hole turn it slowly till the fridge turns off, wait 15 min and see if the frost on that panel starts to thaw if it does replace that defrost timer.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi....I wont be able to do the test now my fridge is at my summer home...and i wont be there till after sept 5..Cud i put u on hold till then...thxs/g

an accept wont stop our conversation, the only problem with that is our time could run out .

But if thats what you want to do we can try that.

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