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my kenmore 80 series dryer does not heat up. i took the back

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my kenmore 80 series dryer does not heat up. i took the back cover off, and dismantled the vent. then it heated up for a few minutes. it's gas, therefore looked down on the right side (facing the front) and saw the pilot at one point, then it went out and the heat subsided. do i have a thermostat problem?

Thanks for the question.

Does the heat only come on once for a few minutes every time you try the dryer or only when the dryer is cold.

Did you try the dryer with the vent off to see if the heat would stay on .

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i had it running for about 30 minutes and the clothes were still damp. i pulled it away from the wall, then unhooked the vent hose. once i did that i could see the pilot through a hole in the back of it. after about 5 minutes of getting heat, the heat has since went off again. it's been running for an additional 15 minutes now with no heat.

These gas solenoids are a common problem with all gas dryers when they fail they will only allow the gas to flow when the dryer is cold.

Replace the solenoids it should fix the problem.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

are the solenoids industry standard? you provided me a link to GE and Whirlpool both. I'm assuming since this is a private label dryer (Sears Kenmore) that is was manufactured by either of these OEM's. The numbers on the inside of the dryer are:


Type - Kenmore 80 Series - SuperCapacity Plus


Serial # XXXXX


Does this help to narrow it down?


What else could it be if it's not the solenoids?

Those solenoids are used on all the gas dryers .

Just call Sears or any appliance parts store they will have them in stock.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i have went and purchased the solenoids, where exactly can i find where they need to be replaced? when i look on the back side of the dryer down by the gas line, i don't see them. do i have to go through the front some how.


Again, it's a Kenmore 80 series top load.



The solenoids are at the front on the gas valve.

Pull the lint filter out and remove those two screws then at each corner they have a spring clip, use a flat screwdriver and push in at the clips this will release the top.

Lift the top up then remove the two screws that hold the front panel on .

The solenoids are located on the gas valve.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i have a better understanding now on why you guys charge what you do. i wanted to drop you a line to let you know i appreciate your help. that appears to have done the trick. i finally got it all buttoned back up and it's running fine now. i will accept your response with positive feedback and release the payment for your consultation. thanks again.



Thats great I'm glad that did the trick for you.

Thanks and God Bless.

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