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GE Oven: Heating element replacement. Need help

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I'm replacing the bottom heating element in a GE Spectra oven. In removing the old element I lost one of the wires (it was stuck insdie the wall of the back of the oven). I was able to locate the wire with my finger and pull it out with needle nose pliers. So I have 2 questions before attaching the new heating element....

1) The wire that goes into the metal clamp that attaches to one side of the element is a single yellow wire. The other wire (that I retrieved with the pliers) is actually 2 red wires. Is that correct? (a yellow wire on one side and a double red wire on the other vs a yellow wire on each side that would attach to each side of the heating element)

2) On the double red wire, the red casing on one of the wires is not there so that a very tiny section of the wire is exposed where the wire enters the metal clap to which the oven element will be attached. Is the wire supposed to be exposed there? (It looks that if the casing was on both wires they would not fit into the metal clamp piece. However, exposed wire always concerns me so I wanted to check on whether it's okay that the wire is slightly exposed before I attach the new element.

Thanks for your help!

1. Yes that is correct. The yellow wire is 120 volts and goes only to the bake element, the 2 red go to the back and broil and complete the other 120 volts generating 240 volts to heat the bake element.
2. The wire should NOT be exposed and taping it won't do any good because it will melt when the oven gets hot in self clean or something like that. You'll need to cut the wire back or put shrink wire wrap around the wire to fix that problem.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you!

When you say "cut the wire back" you mean cut the wire back to the casing and then re-insert/attach the red wires/casings to the metal clamp?

If I take the "shrink wire wrap" option....If I go to the hardware store and ask for "shrink wire wrap" they will know what I'm referring to?

Also do I need any special tools/gadgets to apply the "shrink wire wrap"?

Will it need time to "cure"/dry/adhere, before I replace the heating element and begin using the oven?

Will the "shrink wire wrap" need to be replaced every so often (ie. every 5 years)?

That is correct, but the wire back to the casing, then install a new terminal on the wire.
Yes, the hardware store will know what you are talking about.
To apply the wrap, you just slide it around the wire and then use a lighter to heat the shrink wrap and it will tighten and pull down. You don't need to wait any time and should never need to replace it.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you.

No problem and good luck.