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Hello. I live in Chicago and we had a bit of a flood last

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Hello. I live in Chicago and we had a bit of a flood last weekend. My washer is working fine but my dryer is not tumbling (the control panel works).

It's the dryer that came with washer model WBVH6240FWW. I can't read the number on the dryer but it's something like DCV515GF??? The combo was manufactured in 2006. Thanks!

If you did not include a model # XXXXX your question please do on you second reply if possible,this helps us serve you faster.


how high did the water get on the dryer?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
At least a foot but the washer is ok and the control panel is working on the dryer.

if you push the button and it tries to start but doesn't its the motor, the motor sits on the bottom of the dryer and if you had a foot of water the motor is gone, sorry, you can try opening up the dryer and spinning it by hand to try to free it up (sometimes this works) but if not you need it replaced, you can order one @


its possible the thermal fuse has blown but unlikely if the dryer wasn't running at the time. what does this do when you push start?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It starts but doesn't tumble. It makes a very soft buzz sound, almost like a hummimg.

ok its the motor, try turning it by hand if it doesn't free up you need it replaced, your insurance should cover this. thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How do I open up the dryer and where is the motor located (is it obvious once I open?)
well the panel under the front door comes off, there are three screws low to the floor remove them, the motor is behind the blower assembly, unplug the machine and reach into the back and try and turn the motor, thats as far as you want to go so the insurance company wont give you a hard time about taking this apart, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry Brian, one more question. My front panel is one piece (unlike my washer). Should I take off the back panel?
sorry the model # XXXXX incomplete , as far as I can tell the back doesn't come off on this, heres the diagram, of the front, | Front Panel replacement parts for General Electric DCVH515EF0GG <a href=Electric Dryer" width="680" height="725"/>looks like the whole front may have to come off, click this link for all the diagrams. thanks Bryan
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