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I have a 5 Year old Maytag Frigerator MFD2561HEW that started

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I have a 5 Year old Maytag Frigerator MFD2561HEW that started having more frequent "hum/clicks" which I now know are compressor start relay/overload protector sounds. We had a couple brown outs/power outages during the summer and could have contributed to this?? Anyway a certified tech came out and of course the sounds never came on. He checked things out and said everything was ok and that perhaps we had power feed issues. Two weeks later the hum/clicks are more frequent and the fridge stopped cooling. I unplugged the unit but the compressor seems warm - I am worried it fried. The unit new was $1700. I imagine a new compressor (if it is not the relay/overload) will be around $700. DOn't know what to do and just as important what I can do to prevent future voltage problems ( a GFCI outlet?).
All you can do is put a serge protecter on it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

HI Tom:


1) SHould I call the same tech back who would check the relay/overload first (relatively cheap fix)? and then they can figure out if the compressor is bad or not?


2) Given the unit's cost $1700 (can't believe I paid that much) and age 5 years, it seems the $700 to fix a compressor (my best guess) is painfully worth it. So you are saying a surge protector is all I can do. Is that sort of like the outlets used for home computers? Yesterday I bought a ShockBuster GFCI adapter, would that be "acceptable"?


Thank you, Nick

Yes the adapter would be fine.Do you have a continuity tester and we can test the compressor.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, unfortunately I don't have a continuity tester.
That is what you need to test the compressor.
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