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I have a GE model GBS22KPACC The other morning I woke up to

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I have a GE model GBS22KPACC The other morning I woke up to a warm refrigerator and freezer still working. I vacuumed the coils, emptied it out and shut it off for 24 hrs. Turned it back on and set to # XXXXX now 24 hrs later I have a freezer temp of 31 degrees and box temp of 40 deg. Any suggestions of what to chk next? I have an ohm meter and some basic fix it knowledge. Thank you in advance

In order to best assist I am going to need a little more information from you before I jump into a diagnosis.

- When you first noticed the warm refrigerator was it running? The fans, the compressor, lights etc. (if you recall)

- DId you notice a build up of frost in the freezer or when you had it shut off for 24 hours did you notice water dripping out?

Thank you!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Good Morning,
Yes, everything running, no power failures. Cooling fan running. There was ice on the back wall of the freezer, but not a heavy build up, just a thin layer of frosty ice. I put towels in the freezer, but they really didn't absorb that much water. There was maybe a cup of water on the floor. No new noises. It seems to turn on & off normally. This all started when she put a hot pot of sauce in the refrigerator and then turned it up to 9. To days later she put the pot in the freezer. The next morning she noticed the problem. I assumed she blocked the vents in the back of the freezer. I moved everything away from the back vents, but still we had freezer ok box too warm. So I tried the 24 hr shut-off, but now we have a freezer at 31 and a box at 44. Thanks, Bruce
Hi Bruce,

Thank you for the information, that helps a lot!

What is most likely going on is frost build up behind the back panel of the freezer that is not being eliminated by the defrost cycle.

Every 8 hours or so a heater will come on for short period of time to melt the frost on the evaporator (cooling coils) behind the back wall inside the freezer. If too much frost is built up the defrost cycle cannot melt it all. If the frost builds up enough to cause air not to flow properly you will not get enough cooling in the fresh food side of the refrigerator or most places in freezer. Since you saw a little frost on the visible part of the panel that would indicate there is a lot behind it.

To fix.... Remove the food and shelves from the freezer, take the panel off of the back wall and look at the coils. If they are frosted up, then use hot water and a hair dryer to melt the frost.

If the problem reoccurs then you may have something that has failed in the defrost system. There are 3 component to this system. The first is the heater, you will notice it on the bottom of the evaporator coils, it sits horizontal and has two wires going to it. It can be tested with an ohm meter, it should read under 100 ohms. The second part is the thermostat, it is a small cylinder about the diameter of a quarter, it clips to the top of the evaporator and has two wires. It should have continuity when cold. If these two are working properly and the defrost cycle does not the problem would be the defrost control.

Let me know if you have more questions, I will be around.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well, it looks like its the defrost control, as the heater and themostat chk out OK. I get a reading of 31 ohms. Can you point me to the defrost control and possible tests before purchase one. Thanks and thank you for your accurate description and test procedure.

The defrost control on this is electronic. Unfortunately GE does not have a test procedure for the control. They simply state in their service manual to test the heater and thermostat and if they are good replace the control.

The mother board as they call it is located in the back of the unit, you will need to pull out the refrigerator to access.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Phil,

Good Morning. I looked at the evaporator coil and their is ice only around the copper tubing shaped like a J on the right side of the coils. There is a small bullet shaped part with two white wires leading out of the box up to the motherboard. Does your experience mean I need to replace the motherboard?

Good Morning Bruce,

If you only have frost on the copper part of the cooling coils and the aluminum part is not frosted then we have something other than the mother board.

The frost pattern should be equal across the coil but not excessive enough to block the air flow.

If we only have partial frost on the evaporator that is a sign there is a refrigerant (freon) leak or the compressor has gone bad and unable to pump properly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Phil,

Wow! Thanks for the fast reply. There is no frost on the coils. This is becoming a real nightmare and I guess its time to call in a local guy. I really appreciate all your quick replies.


Sorry, that this was not an easy one or a quick repair.

Best wishes!!
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