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The display numbers (for oven temperature, clock, etc) on our

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The display numbers (for oven temperature, clock, etc) on our Jenn Air gas stove (SVD 48600) are only visible at night, i.e. in the dark. During the day, we have to use a thermometer in the oven to determine the temperature. We've been told it would cost $100+ for "diagnosis" and something like $175 for the display & installation. Can you suggest any options for us??!
please remember we are not in your home to do the repair or test our self and cant always be 100% and can always overlook something / thanks

you need to replace the clock/control, part number 71001799 which cost about $195 and you can get it at a local appliance parts dealer near you ,, the membrane part of the clock is going out and you have to replace the complete clock to fix it ,,, Glad i could help you with your problem today so please hit the accept button for me before you leave so i may be paid ,, Thanks
i will be off line for rest of the day to take my insulin and rest up so if you need more information please ask now or please hit the accept button for me or i will be back in the morning / thanks Larry
before i go off line, take my insulin and rest up is there anything else i can do for you today before I go
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks - we were already told that a new part was needed - very expensive!! If we could install it ourselves we'd consider doing that - Do you have any information about how to install it?
you can ,, just remove the back panel on the control panel and swap it out ,, its only held by 4 small screws and the wires plugs on so its very easy / thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
When you refer to a "back panel" I assume you mean bottom panel?
We removed the 4 screws and a piece of trim came off easily, but nothing more.
We notice there are 4 small "bolt" heads, or something of that sort. Do those need to be removed also? (And should we turn off electricity before even looking at this?)

We're just investigating at this point, as, of course, we don't have a replacement part.
you have to remove the screws from under the control panel and remove the screws holding the top and raise and then the screws at the top of the control panel and pull the panel out and swap the clock from the inside back
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