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I have a GE jgbp35wej1ww and the oven and broiler wont ignite.

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I have a GE jgbp35wej1ww and the oven and broiler won't ignite. However, If I turn on the self cleaning mode the broiler ignites. When I set the temp and press bake I do hear a relay click but no gas comes out of either burners. From what I have read the glow igniter might have gone but I can't explain why the broiler won't work on broiler mode and will on the self clean. Thoughts?
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If the unit works on the self clean mode and not on bake or broiler...Then the computer is faulty...The igniter itself would not be bad as it worked on the self clean cycle..From what you are explaining the Computer/Clock is at fault..
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I just swapped the two igniters, I was going to see if the oven igniter would glow and ignite the broiler in the self clean mode. However, after moving the broiler igniter to the oven burner I decided to test and sure enough it was working. Installed the oven igniter in the broiler and it worked. I buttoned it back up with the igniters swapped. tested serveral times and things seem to be working. Problem could still exist but for now it appears to be working.


The igniters seem to be much slower to warm up and start the burners than I remember. The unit has been in service for some years now. Do these igniters get slower to warmup before failing altogether?

Chances of both igniter's failing at the same time are slim...More than likely you have a bad wire connection...Check the connections at the igniter's to the gas safety valve to the control board..
Bob L Your Appl Pal, Home Appliance Tech
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 7548
Experience: 23 Years Major Appliance Repair
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