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Hey, did you recieve my question about the kitchenaid front

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Hey, did you recieve my question about the kitchenaid front load washer?
Hello againCustomer Sorry about the delay but things have been crazy lately and I have not checked into the site as often as I used to. Anyway, lets see if we cant get this figured out. Basically what you have is a Whirlpool duet with a Kitchenaide logo on it so let me ask you, just to be sure, is the "control locked" light on? If so, press and hold the "end of cycle" (or whatever button corresponds to the control lock on this sub model. Has a padlock icon under it) signal button for three to 5 seconds. Even after multiple resets and even replacement of the ccu, mcu, door lock or ANY other part on the machine EXCEPT for the control panel, a panel lock mode will STILL persist as it is controlled independently by the panel and not the ccu. I know you most likely already checked this so I apologize if this sounds like a shot in the dark but I cant begin to tell you how many times I have seen techs go out and spend HOURS on these things and this was the only problem. Also, I don't remember and I could be wrong but I THINK that in control lock mode, diagnostics cannot be entered into on these and I know you said it passed diagnostics with flying colors. I don't have one in the shop at the moment so I cannot see for myself.
All that being said, without ANY feedback from the machine at all when you try to start it (lights,codes,beeps etc) and the fact that you have replaced the ccu and door lock already, AND the fact that the machine WILL enter diagnostics and pass without any error codes, I would check ALL connections from the control panel to the ccu VERY carefully and if they are all good, replace the control panel. In further answer to your question, yes the start button circuit is integrated in the control panel.
Now one more thing -- if none of this helps you then send me a scan of the schematic for this model so I can verify it is the same as all the other duets and you and I will get this figured out with no further shotgunning of parts. I got you on this one as alwaysCustomer Nice to hear from you again!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One thing I didn't mention is that when she couldn't get it to work she would press the start button randomly as she or the kids would walk by and sometimes it would start but it got to the point that it wouldn't start at all any more.Does that help?
Definitely helpful info. A few questions though -
Does the display respond to other button presses and rotation of the knob?
Does the machine make ANY beep or sound and/or do ANY lights flash when the start button is actually pressed AND held for a second?
Another possibility is that the start button itself is actually worn at the actuator and not making good MECHANICAL contact with the microswitch on the control panel. In THAT case, replace the button assembly with part #8182180. Otherwise, the panel is part #8182150. You can also check for the mechanical problem I mentioned by removing the control panel assembly, separate the actual button assembly from the panel and using a small screwdriver ,manually actuate the start switch on the panel. If it works, see if you can somehow modify the BUTTON to push the switch a little harder, otherwise replace it. I think we have this narrowed down to either the start circuit microswitch on the control panel assy or the start button assembly itself.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Shamefully, I haven't been out there latlely so I can't answer your questions. Very busy.. I will in the next couple of days. I'll Let you know what happens. Again you da man. Tks
Great! Hopefully you get this thing knocked out quick and easy with this info. If not, you know how to find me ! Cool Thanks again !
Good luck and let me know how it goes!