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Haier HSB03 mini fridge doesnt work. When I plug it in I can

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Haier HSB03 mini fridge doesn't work. When I plug it in I can hear the thermostat click on but the motor doesn't run and the unit doesn't get cold although the round black thing in the back gets very hot. It's only two years old. Any Suggestions?
Hi Joe,

If the compressor is clicking about every 2 minutes and is getting too hot to hold your hand on you have a sealed system problem. That means you will need a technician with a freon recovery license to do the repair.

Check your warranty. It used to be that compressor and sealed system repairs were for 5 years. I know some companies have now changed this but it is worth checking into.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Any way I can fix this myself?
Hi Joe,

There is a slight chance. You caught me on the way out to work. Please come back as I need more time to sit and make a proper post for you and I will do so when I get in tonight.

There is a part that is called a 3 n 1 start for a compressor.

It is a combined relay, overload and a starting capacitor. Its function is the same as the relay and overload you already have, but it also has a capacitor to give your compressor a kick at startup. If you have a warranty this will void it so be sure you want to try before you do it. I think the chances it will work are low but if you have no warranty the cost is less than 12 dollars.

It comes with a drawing and wires directly to the compressor and a 110 volt source.

What do you think? Want to try it?