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Instruction on removing and replacing broken outer glass on

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Instruction on removing and replacing broken outer glass on GE Profile-- Avantium Household Speedcook Oven (Microwave) Model # XXXXX 02 Ser # XXXXX
Made Sept. 2002, have replacement glass from GE Parts. Item # XXXXX Glass cost $135 from GE and I don't want to screw it up. Schematic or exploded drawing of door/door removal/teardown would be helpful. Thanks

this is a tough on, I can however supply you with the diagram, but as far as telling you what you need to remove first it would be difficult without being there, so heres the diagram, hope this helps, thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Bryan---I did not think it would be that tough for you if you had done it before. However the Diagram will be of some help. I thought perhaps you had had some experience with replacement of a glass. I know I have to first remove the door from the Oven, and the diagram does not give a good picture of how to do that. Guess I will muddle thru it.

Perhaps some of the other guys on line will have some suggestion or tips.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The Diagram has numbers on all the screws and various parts. Perhaps if you could find and send the names of the parts the numbers refer to that may be of some help. Such as #?--hinge screw, etc.

Also-- if you can figure out from the diagram which screws/pins etc need to be removed in order to at least detach the door from the oven, so I can then work on it "on the bench", that might help. It looks like to me that only 2 screws may hold the door hinge to the main microwave cabinet --there are no numbers on these screws but they go into a bracket that is shown in dotted box #14, and a box just like it on the other side of the door. As you can see-- there is one screw holding the bottom piece of trim #20 that will have to come out, and it can only be accessed with the door removed from the microwave, as the microwave is mounted on top of an electric oven, as it is designed to be. Thanks

like I said these are almost impossible to tell you how to do this, I have done this before but it was a while ago and without seeing it I cant be sure what comes off first, heres the link to the diagrams and part list though if that helps. ryId=0123100&brandId=0432&brandDescription=GE&modelName=SPEEDCOOK/MICROWAVE&diagramPageId=00001&componentDescription=DOOR%20PARTS&documentId=G0306306&blt=06
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Bryan---If you could remember how to remove the door itself from the Microwave cabinet, ie. which screws in the diagram to pull in order to release the hinges and allow the door to be placed flat on a padded table to work on, that would be of the most help of all.

Perhaps by looking at the diagram you can tell. I am having a hard time doing so, and I am afraid if I pull the wrong ones, some of the internal parts will drop inside the door, and I will be unable to reconnect them with the hinges still attached. If you can do this I will ACCEPT YOUR ANSWER.

Not sure exactly how this site works, but if you could confer with another expert, or a repair manual for this product before you answer that might help us both.


I cant really remember how the door comes off this, there are no pictures of the hinge itself, are there holes in the hinge's you can put a small nail through to hold the hinge and close the door almost all the way while lifting it up to release the door?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Tried the nails---worked like a charm w/door at about 45 degree angle. Tricks to every trade. Will accept your answer, so you can get payment. Thanks for your patience and help.

I am a retired Mecanical Engineer, and can usually do pretty well with schematics, however this one had me puzzled.


How do you put it back on? Just slide it on with the nails in the holes and the hinge at the same angle as when you removed the door--then place the door in the horizontal position which lets the hinge go to 90 degree open position, and then pull nails, and door should work normally.


If this is correct let me know---I don't want to break new Glass trying to get the door back on.



thats great! good work .yes you put it back on the same way and then remove the nails. well wishes and thanks, Bryan

Edited by Bryan on 7/17/2010 at 4:10 PM EST
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Bryan---FYI---Once door is removed, you can put Vice Grips on Hinge pieces and remove nails and relax spring tension on hinges. Of course you need to replace nails before putting door back on Cabinet.


Remove 6 chrome screws in bottom of door, and remove chrome trim piece.


Remove black screws on top of door edge--4 I think, (do not remove screws on flat inside face of door) which holds latch assy.


Door separates in two pieces and then relmoval of outside handle and glass is straight forward.


You might want to save this for future reference

thanks , its been awhile since I've done one, I put it in my favorites, thanks again. well wishes, Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Bryan---one other think FYI---I ordered the Door Outer Glass#314---and that is what I got.

However if you will look at the Schematic they also show a #315 Glass Assembly. The reason is that the glass #314 is BONDED TO THE STAINLESS SKIN THAT THE HANDLE SCREWS ONTO, but they don't tell you this piece of info.


You cannot UPBOND/SEPERATE the glass from the outer skin, w/heat or solvents.


I will return #314 and Order #315 and of course have to pay shipping, both ways.


If you face this question again---have your clients order the Glass Assy GE Part # XXXXX and not just the PLAIN GLASS, as this is the only way a broken outer glass can be replaced in this GE Product.



what a bunch of idiots! man that must have really; made you mad. thanks for that info also . have a great weekend, Bryan