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Kenmore HE2 Plus; digital display goes black when any knob

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Kenmore HE2 Plus; digital display goes black when any knob or button pushed. Unplug to reset, and then same thing happens. I tried adjusting the door switch and the machine worked up to the point where water was entering the tub, then black out display again. I left the unit plugged in, and it reset itself and started beeping with the display on.
Display Bad? Is there a reset? Switch or adjustment?
Is there a wiring diagram for the unit?
Unit is less than 20 washes new, but was stored (father died) for two years before installation, so no warranty.
Thanks for whatever help you can offer.
If you did not include a model # XXXXX your question please do on you second reply if possible,this helps us serve you faster. can you get us the full model #?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
W10071750 I think; I have the manual here.
it should be on a tag when you open the door, Appliance Model Illustration
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Here's everything from the tag;


MOD 110 47532601

SER HLT4469013

TYPE 832

10 Amp

120 Volt

60 Hertz


and Vertically, 85400302

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ok, ordered; I will add more to your payment if you can tell me what might have caused this, is it common, and how I can avoid it in the future. It's this something I can expect to fail often?? Maybe I need a newer new washer...



well these are electronic (of course) and a lot of the time its a bad solder joint or a power surge can cause this. I had one that the pins in the board were soldered to short to make a good conection with the interface plug and it caused the same type of problem,try checking all the connections on the board before ordering may want to consider a new machine, I recomend the whirlpool direct drive top loader, these front loaders have all kinds of issues. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
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