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I have a Haier washing machine which is showing an error 7

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I have a Haier washing machine which is showing an error 7 on the display. What does this mean?
hi here is the answer to your error 7 code pressing accept for my help pays me thanks HOW TO FIX ERROR 7 PROBLEM!
This problem is quite common on these machines, especially just after the machine has been moved. As a previous poster has said, Err 7 is a motor error. It is usually because the electrical connector has become detatched from the motor. Here is how to fix it.
  • First of all, PLEASE unplug the machine from the wall socket! And switch off the water supply too!
  • Pull the machine out from under the counter, and turn it so that you have access to the back of the machine.
  • Remove the 3 phillips screws that secure the back plate. You are only removing the small plate immediately behind the drum, not the whole back panel!
  • Look through the hole you have just created by removing the panel down towards the bottom of the machine. You will see the motor. Hopefully you will also see a 7 way connector not connected to anything, and a 7-way socket on the motor! (7 way means that it connects 7 different wires!)
  • Plug the connector back on to the motor. Don't worry, it will only go one way round, so you can't get it wrong. If the connector looks like it is connected, give it a little wiggle and a push to make sure it is fully home.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
have tried your suggestion and the error 7 is still showing
hi then the motor within must have a short so the error wont clear because its detecting a malfunction
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
will it need a new motor or something that can be fixed
hi yes you will need to replace the motor to fix this problem. pressing accept for my help pays me thanks
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