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I am having a terrible time with my Jenn Air wall oven, Model

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I am having a terrible time with my Jenn Air wall oven, Model # XXXXX It came new with our house in 2001. Within the first year (under warranty) I needed to replace the control panel. I have now replaced it 4 times and it is broken again. It always seems to break after I cook one particular dish. I have had repairmen to my house and it is always the same thing...just replace the control panel (which is fear is just a symptom) and not addressing the real issue as to why it is constantly breaking. The dish I am cooking in the oven produces steam. It is covered with foil but there is liquid in the bottom of the pan. As it bakes, a good bit of steam comes out from the top of the oven. I think the steam is then going into the control panel from underneath and damaging it. The next time I try to use the oven, it doesn't work. It has gotten to the point that we can replace the control panel ourselves for about a third of the cost. I don't mind paying a repairman to come and fix it once, twice etc, but I would like to have the actual problem fixed and not just the symptom. No one at Jenn Air seems to know what to do except to get a repairman out here, but we have already tried that without much success. Have you ever heard of such a problem? Do you have any suggestions for me? I hate to keep doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Tracey Starkmann
you are exactly right, that steam will come out of the door and go up into the control panel. There really isn't much you can do to prevent this except to not cook the unit. Frigidaire doesn't consider this a problem and it has definitely been an issue in the past, but there is no repair for it. If you have too much moisture in one of your dishes it will often short something out so the only solution is to just not cook things that produce a lot of steam.
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