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Hi I have a Frigidaire Gallery Series Convection Oven with

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I have a Frigidaire Gallery Series Convection Oven with a gas (4 burner) stove top. I have a replacement stove top - can you tell me how to fit it?

The replacement stove top details are: Frigidaire Stove Top AP2126375 (white)


Dick White
very simple. Just unplug the unit first.

Remove all the knobs as well as the burner grates. Pull off all the burner caps and remove the screws going down through the burner bases. The burner bases will then pull up and off at which point the top of the cooktop will just up up and off.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



This is not exactly the way it functions. The stove top sits on top of the stove/oven; the knobs to control gas are on the front, not attached to the stove top. The burners are under the grates which I can lift off. I can unscrew the burners (which are each held on by two screws) and they fall away under the stove top (they must be on a flex pipe). The stove top is still attached to the stove/oven. Thus I need to be able to lift the stove top off, but I do not know how it is secured....can you help?


Dick White

so this is not just a stovetop like you said, it's a stove. What is the model number so I can see how this unit is assembled.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi: The model number is XXXXX 388 CSA; the Serial Number is XXXXX 33204682......
basically the same thing, remove all the grates and the burner caps and the screws going through the burners. The difference is that there are 2 hidden spring clips between the front control panel and the top panel. Use a putty knife and push back on these 2 hidden clips inside the seam (near the right and left side) and when you release these clips, the top panel will hinge up and back, then you can pull it off to remove.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi: OK - I understand - can you just give me a more exact location of the spring clips with reference to the two (left and right) front corners?

they aren't exactly on the corners but maybe 4 inches or so from the side edges.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi: OK - I assume you mean when measuring from the front towards the back, about 4 inches along the side edge?
no not from the front to back. From the LEFT and from the RIGHT go in toward the middle of the frnt panel and it's 4 inches or so form the LEFT and the RIGHT. It's only about 1 inch deep or so.
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