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Have a Haier hd301 humidifier thar compressor is not working

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Have a Haier hd301 humidifier thar compressor is not working took the front cover off and saw that the largest red wire is hanging free assumes this goes to the compressor where should it plug in?

Thanks for the question.

Do you see two wires going to the compressor and one is burnt.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
See the black and blue wire coming from the cap to the comp all is well, What I have is form the main roary at the top the black and blue are going to a switch and the red is just hanging there where does it go?
That wire should go to the compressor remove the relay cover you should be able to see the other end re connect it to the burnt end.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There is no burnt wire and the compressor looks new should I remove the blanket that is velcro wrapped around the compressor to fing it like a reg ac unit?
I looked at the model number and its not coming up so yes i would do that if you cant see a vacant spot on the switches it has to go to the compressor.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK here is the situation I bought this unit from Goodwill here they get returns from target.
Target just donates returns to Goodwill. It is a new unit tried it and the comp didn't come on so then I took the front cover off and noticed the red wire was not plugged in which is critical for the comp to come on just can't see where it goes. New unit no dust corrosion or build up of dust or dirt on the unit or the filter
It has to go to the compressor remove the relay cover and install the red wire on the relay.
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