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My bosch dishwasher is not heating up the water or completing

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My bosch dishwasher is not heating up the water or completing the program, that is going on to rinse and dry.
This is a common failure for bosch dishwashers unfortunately and it has to do with your control board itself inside the door. The heater relay board shorts out and stops sending power to the heating element so the unit just sits waiting to heat the water and will not advance. Just order and replace the control board when you for your unit and you will be good to go again. The control board costs about $150-200 unfortunately.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there a product code for this control board?
unfortunately in the US I can't look up the part number for the one that goes to your model, but you can call Bosch or a local parts store and give them your model number and they should be able to look the part up for you. The model number should be located on a sticker on the right side of your door if you open the door up.
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