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My LG washer wont fill with water. The machine was leaking

Customer Question

My LG washer won't fill with water. The machine was leaking due to a ripped gasket, and after the gasket was replaced the machine won't fill with water. Do you have any ideas what is wrong?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Repairman1981 replied 7 years ago.

Obviously make sure your water supply is turned on. Did he pull the unit out to uninstall it, or did he do it in place through the hole like I just did on someone's today? If he went in from the front, there's not much way he did anything other than knock something off the board. What you should do is select hot wash, and cold wash and see if you get anything off either. Make sure the shutoff's are on at the wall, and if they are call him back out there and make him fix it. There's no way anything broke from changing a gasket, however it's easy to knock a wire off. And if you paid to have a gasket changed it's not right for me to walk you through tearing the machine down to fix something he broke. Thanks!



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there a wire that he could have knocked off right in the front when he replaced the gasket? It was done from the front, the water supply was not touched
Expert:  Repairman1981 replied 7 years ago.

Not imparticular, but if he was in there banging around, the control board is upfront with all wiring on it. You need to either have him come out, or remove the 2 screws in the top panel and take it off , and check each connector 1 by 1 on the board. Most likely it's just a loose connection. Easy fix, but I'm a principle guy, I would wait a week to have him fix it rather than just fix it myself if he broke it. Thanks!



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'd rather not wait if it's an easy fix, but exactly what 2 screws on the front panel are you referring to. I don't see anything like that. By top panel, do you mean on the top surface of the machine? I have the dryer stacked on top, and this would be no small endeavor.
Expert:  Repairman1981 replied 7 years ago.
Ouch, if the dryer is on top it's not an easy fix, and probably why he doesn't wanna come back. It honestly would be easier to go in through the door boot to check for loose wires, but I honestly don't think you can put the boot back on yourself. As the customer the easier route would probably be to remove the dryer and take the 2 screws out of the top panel and check the control board there. You will need someone to help you with the dryer. If you wanna try the door boot, you just pop the spring off, putting it back on is the hard part. You could always pop it off and have him come back saying you don't know how it popped off. But you can't use it till you get it back on.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, so I should call Sears back up, and tell them that after speaking with an online expert, I think the repairman knocked off a wire that controls the water inflow when he was installing the new gasket, right?

He was having a little difficulty getting it back on and needed an assistant to hrlp him. When I questioned hin about the new water flow problem, he assured me that there was nothing he did that could have caused this.

One last thing, there is leak sensor behind the unit that is supposed to shut the water off when any water accumulates in the metal tray that the unit sits in. The tray seems dry now, and I have unplugged the sensor and replugged it and it still doesn't work. Again, it was working the last time we tried it before the repairmam came, only it was leaking from the front door. Is there anything else I can try to reset the sensor other than unplugging and replugging. There doesn't appear to be a reset button