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Have a Jenn-Air range SVE47600. Control module keeps failing.

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Have a Jenn-Air range SVE47600. Control module keeps failing. First one lasted 11 years. Original board was by Robertshaw, Replacement boards are by Invensys but are direct replacement. Robertshaw were thru hole components . new board is SMT but looks like the IC main chip keeps failing getting F-7 failure code. Have replaced board 4 times in 7 months with same failure symtoms. Board fails without oven operating. Will work for a while then go into the F-7 failure mode. IC chip is similar to original and has Robertshaw name on it but is by another chip mfg. which I can't identify. I can't seem to get a schematic. is replacement parts vendor who doesn't have any info to help.

Looking for experience and assistance. Know anything?
F7 has nothing to do with the control board. The reason you continue to get the error is because you're replacing the wrong part. F7 means that your touchpad is shorting out, or it thinks a button was pressed and held for more than 32 seconds. Either way, you need to replace your touchpad to fix your issues. By unplugging the unit and moving the ribbon connection around from the touchpad to the display board when you change the display board out, you're probably getting the touchpad to work again, either way you need to replace the touchpad.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Where can I find the failure codes for this? The only manual I can find does not list them.
Is there a service manual available with schematics?
no service manual but here is a list of the error codes.

Power to element relay energized during time of day display
Wiring harness shorted or change power relay board (PRB)

Note: for double ovens, change second oven board
Oven temp sensed; over 600F sensed by control in time of day mode, bake mode, or over 900F sensed in clean mode.
Ohm test the oven temperature sensor, if OK, change power relay board.
Cooling fan on with no oven function selected
Check oven temperature sensor or wire harness to oven temperature sensor
Shorted oven temperature sensor
Check oven temperature sensor or wire harness to oven temperature sensor
Power to element relays disabled in cook mode
1. Intermittent oven temperature sensor or wire harness or,
2. Intermittent contact on power relay board
Shorted key sensed for 32 seconds
1. Membrane shorted, or,
Display board defective
Shorted meat probe alarm
1. Probe jack or harness to probe jack, or,
Probe sensing temp above 250F
Door lock safety circuit on power relay board sensed
Replace power relay board
Invalid temp reading on power relay board (PRB)
Check oven temperature sensor and wire harness, or replace power relay board
Communication error between boards
Wiring harness, check harness wires for continuity, or replace power relay board
Communication error between boards
Wiring harness or power relay board (PRB)
Second oven error sensed
1. Check oven temperature sensor and harness, or,
2. Replace second board
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That's very interesting .. I've been trying for a year to find what the failure codes meant.
I took the panel apart as far as I could without destroying it but don't see a way to get to the key pad. It looks like a vynly cover is pasted on over it. Is there a way to get to it or do you know if the control panel is available?
you just need to replace the entire front face panel on the control panel and unfortunately I have no idea of the part is still available or not, you'll need to call a parts store to figure that out.
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