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I have an Emerson wine cooler, model fr24rd, and have had it

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I have an Emerson wine cooler, model fr24rd, and have had it for about a year. over the past couple of months I cannot seem to get the temerature to adjust below 62 degrees F, no matter what setting I input on the digital control panel. The panel always reads 62-64 degrees F.
I cannot pull up your model number. However, in the back of the unit, is there a compressor or are there two large control boards with large heat sinks?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The back side of the unit is a flat metal panel. In the left center is a rectangular opening into which fits a 3.5"x3.5" square mesh filter panel, that fits into two slots at the bottom of the hole with a springy plastic catch at the top. Removing this filter to clean it reveals a round grid-like surface behind which is a fan that blows air into the unit. No compressor and no control boards with heat sinks evident. Model number of the Emerson 8 bottle wine cooler sold through Target stores is FR24RD. There is a sketchy circuit diagram on the data plate on the back that shows a heat sink fan, cold sink fan, thermoelectric control board, temperature control board and an LED control board - internal light. Unit measures about 16"x10"x12" and as mentioned, is available through Target stores, both retail and on line. Manufactured in China - isn't everything these days? - in August 2007. Hope this helps
The peltier cooler sounds like it is no longer working. This is thermo-electric cooling. Basically the unit uses two unlike metals to draw the heat out of the unit. The heat sinks then get cooled by the fan motors. If your wine cooler is not cooling, you'll need control board most likely. If your unit is small, you'd be better off buying new.
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