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My Maytag washing machine is not dispensing the fabric softner

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My Maytag washing machine is not dispensing the fabric softner correctly - it pools at the bottom of the tub - I'm thinking I need to pull the fabric softner dispense unit and clean do I pull that?

Thanks for the question.

when do you fill the fabric dispenser.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

when loading the clothes and the tub is filling initially, per the manufacturers instructions.


that dispenser will empty or it should empty after the first drain and spin ready for the rinse to fill the tub , and your saying that its at the bottom of the tub once the load is completed doe the washer spin at all.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the washer seems to be working properly in every other aspect - spin cycle included. after removing the clothes there are a half-dozen quarter sized droplets of softner left in the bottom of the tub. Clothes are coming out with "stains" of softner. We've had the washer for a number of years...I was thinking the ports for dispensing the softner are plugged and the softner is not able to dispense properly. Thus, my inquiry as to how to remove the dispenser so I can see/clean any problem there?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
we fill the dispenser with water to the line indicated and then add a capful of the softner, again, per the manufacturer's instructions. I've tried to remove the dispenser without luck, do you just pull straight up? twist? need to apply pressure around the base?
you should mis the water and softener together before you fill the dispenser, the fabric softer will clod it up if its not diluted, it come off by pulling and twisting.
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