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My maytag nepture washing machine does not lock after 1 1/2

Customer Question

My maytag nepture washing machine does not lock after 1 1/2 minutes and shuts off at the rinse cycle. How can I fix this. Thank you Kathy
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bob L Your Appl Pal replied 8 years ago.
Its shutting off because it will not spin unless the lock door is locked...You have a bad door lock switch...Depending upon the model number...The door wax motor( as its called)...Will sometimes ruin the control board at the same time...So you have to replace both at the same time...To see if the board has been damaged ...You would have to remove the back control panel cover...Inspect the board for burnt components....Also once you remove the panel there is a tech sheet inside which will walk you through the complete trouble shooting and repair process...