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Im working on a GE dishwasher mo.# GSD5320D01BB.It does not

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Im working on a GE dishwasher mo.# XXXXX does not drain all the way.This unit has a drain selinoid and a drain pump(unusual). When it supposed to drain after a cycle the selinoid energizes but the pump wont come on until the cycle is almost over. Also, when reset is pressed it will advance to drain, selinoid energizes, but the pump wont come on until the end of the cycle for about 2 seconds thus leaving water in it. I have changed the drain pump and timer to no availe. I tested the power to the pump from the timer and there is no power when I think there should be. Also checked entire system fo abstructions. Whatca got big guy
I have have seen many of these with the drain problem and almost every time, it was one of three things. The MOST common problem I saw was destruction of the piston valve assembly part #WD24X220 which is located at the rear inside the tub, under the screen. It just unscrews from the plastic valve body. This will cause recirculation instead of drainage and the kind of problem you are having. Also, as far as the drain pump cycle times, check the tech sheet for the amount of time it is SUPPOSED to be running, because it is ONLY there to drain the remaining water in the sump, so it wont run as long as you think it should.This machine still uses the drain solenoid and main pump to pump out the bulk of the water.Also check the flapper valve at the output of the drain pump. I know you said you replaced the drain pump but it is still worth checking because I have seen them break off and a tech goes in and may not even know it was EVER supposed to be there.Also check the flapper that connects to the solenoid inside the main pump housing and make sure it is not damaged, because I have seen that happen as well and once again, will cause incomplete drainage or drainage failure. Finally, remember that this model is SUPPOSED to have a LITTLE water left inside the tub . GE says it is to help keep the rubber parts from drying out, but I have gotten service calls because of this and had to refer the customer to the manual Cry. Let me know if I can help further! Nice to hear from you again!!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Tks eric. Once you told me it is a finishing pump I got it. I'll check that other stuff today. If it don't work I'll pull the motor/pump and check that. Tks again